Conquest Of The Mayans – Ludum Dare Edition

Conquest Of The Mayans – Ludum Dare Edition

Oh hey look it’s an LD.

This time, the theme was “You Are The Villain”. But I’d been really hoping that the theme “End Of The World” would win the theme vote, so I decided to combine the two and make a game where you, the villain, cause the end of the world.

In the Gregorian Calendar, the date is the 21st December 2012. In the Mayan Long Count, the date is, and it is time for the Mayan Hordes to emerge from their slumber and bring an end to civilization as we know it.

And it’s up to you to lead the Mayan Hordes, beset upon all sides by modern diseases, the Resistance, shoddy stonemasonry, and the occasional meteorite.

This game was made in 48 hours, but it’s the wrong 48 hours (Sun-Mon rather than Sat-Sun) so I’ve entered it in the less-stringent Ludum Jam category.

Useful links:
Ludum Dare entry page
Windows version
Linux version
Mac version
Unity Web Player version

Gameplay and graphics by Andrew. This game was written using Unity.

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