The adventures of trollface is a platforming game that Bloodlust80 is writing in Python along with the assistance of PTSnoop. It is a free and open source platformer game available for all to download and play on Windows and Linux operating systems (and theoretically MAC)

The following downloaded python libraries were used

space = jump. Press space again to double jump
left shift = hold down to run
left and right arrow keys = move left and right

The Adventures of Trollface 0.3

Trollface is back in the Adventures of Trollface 0.3. In this version the game engine plays alot better than its predecessor v0.1.

The adventures of trollface 0.3 download
Windows download

Linux one is coming soon. But if you access the files folder and run in a terminal with the required python libaries then you SHOULD be fine. Although I shall upload a light Linux copy soon.

To run the game in windows, simply extract the game using an archive manager such as winzip or 7-zip and then click on the game application shortcut to run the game.

Changes include
– The ability to double jump. You can now press spacebar
– The ability to run
– a new level
– a load screen
– a title screen. Press return to play the game.

The Adventures of Trollface 0.1

I have finally got around to releasing the Alpha.

Bearing in mind this is version 0.1

Also, that this game is far from complete.

The Adventures of Trollface v0.1 download

For Linux users, in the zip file, there is a python file called which run’s happily on linux. You will need the Pygame and the Numpy libaries installed though.

Windows users run the exe file

Basic controls, Left arrow to move left, Right arrow to move right and space bar to jump.

There is only one level playable at the moment and when you get to the end of the level it loops back to the beginning.

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