Free open-source futuristic strategy game, with four unique factions.
Game content by Andrew Boreham. Spring engine by various people. Music by Windpearl.
Warning: barely tested. Might work, might not. Playable, but no sound effects yet. Single-player campaign coming whenever I write it. Subject to change without notice. Don’t panic.


More screenshots


To run the game. You need BOTH the Spring game engine installed, and the game itself downloaded. Once you have the spring engine installed. The spring engine comes with a program called spring lobby, which is the client which allows you to set up and run the game. you can add the game itself to the spring lobby client double clicking on the game file. The spring lobby allows you to play the game online (along with any other spring game) and allows for single player gaming too (against the bots that come with the game). You will also be wanting to download some maps too. You can find some maps here The full list of downloadable content for the spring engine can be found here.. Our personal favourite maps are small supreme battlefield V2, (more to come)



Static Friction Game 0.5 Stable + Spring Game Engine – 225 Mb portable .7z archive
Spring Game Engine Installer – 24Mb .exe
Static Friction Game 0.5 Stable – 143 Mb .sdz
Static Friction Game 0.5.1 Testing – 153 Mb .sdz

Static Friction Game 0.5.2 Testing – 157 Mb .sdz

I’ve been trying to build a proper .exe installer for this game, but so far my computer’s not been cooperating. For now, the easiest way to get this game running is to download the portable archive, extract it somewhere, and run springlobby.exe . There are a few maps included; you’ll need to select “StaticFriction 0.5 Stable” from the mods list before the game’ll work.
If the portable version doesn’t work, or you want to try the most up-to-date version, there’s an installer for the game engine on Once you’ve installed the game engine, you’ll need to put a copy ofStatic Friction in your C:/Program Files/Spring/mods/ directory. Double-clicking on the .sdz file might automatically move it to the right place, or it might not. There aren’t any maps included in the game engine, so you’ll need to download some yourself. To start playing, run SpringLobby.
More maps are available from various places on the internet; I’d recommend to get you started.


Static Friction Game 0.5 Stable – 143 Mb .sdz
Static Friction Game 0.5.1 Testing – 153 Mb .sdz

Static Friction Game 0.5.2 Testing – 157 Mb .sdz

There’s no portable archive for Linux yet (I’m working on it). To get the game working, you’ll need to install the game engine for your particular distro; has debs and rpms and tarballs and Ubuntu repositories and dependencies and instructions and so on. Once you’ve got the game engine (and some maps), you’ll need to put the .sdz archive in ~/.spring/mods/ , and then run springlobby.


You mean Mac users actually play computer games? I’m amazed.
In theory, Static Friction will work on Macs, but in practice there’s no installer for the more recent versions of the game engine, so you’ll probably have to compile it from source yourself. There are instructions

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