Zuran – Ludum Dare Edition

Zuran – Ludum Dare Edition

Zuran is a stealth based puzzle game by Dark Field Games for the 35th Ludum Dare game jam.

You mission is to escape a dark complex deep underground. This involves getting past guards which patrol the exit. Fortunately for you, these guards are from rival factions which have a dislike for one another. These guards are out to capture you, but also to defeat guards from each rival faction. Guards from each faction are represented as different shapes

Right-click an enemy to capture their shape. Then left-click an enemy to shift their shape. Contact with any of the shapes will result in instant defeat. A collision of two different shapes will destroy each-other. Press space bar to reset the game and ESC to close it.


Cosmosquark: AI and co-ordination.
PTSnoop: Modelling and Animation.
ktarrantmusic: Music
jdwalker: User interface and interaction

Submission Page

Wireframe Shader from
UCLA Game Lab.


Windows 64 bit

Windows 32 bit



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