Drifting Huskarl 1.1

Drifting Huskarl 1.1

Just over 9 months ago, Myself and PTSnoop decided to produce a game in 72 hours as an unofficial ludum dare project.

The outcome of this project based off the theme alone was Drifting Huskarl. After a slight polish a few days later, an update was released.

However, we were never really happy with how the game turned out. The game is based mainly around a procedurally generated map (hence why every new game is a completly different experience). Until now, the maps that were produced were to predictable. The helm, bedroom and security terminals were easily found in opposite corners. There was also very few sightings of the engine room and the dining room as well.

Now I have fixed this issue, and PTSnoop has recompiled the game for windows support.

We are happy to present Drifting Huskarl 1.1, which should provide a more unpredictable experience than the previous version.

Windows version – Drifting Huskarl 1.1

Linux Version – Drifthing Huskarl 1.1

I would like to also say that this game is complete. Any future updates that will be made are either going to be bug fixes or the creation of a webGL version (just like with Evolution or Revolution http://sasha.sector-alpha.net/~ptsnoop/webgl2/evoorrevo2/)

Will there be a Drifting Huskarl 2? If enough people want it, then I cannot see why this cannot happen (although we’re currently working on another game project right now)

Finally, if you want to give us live feedback, bug notifications etc, please let us know in our IRC channel http://www.darkfieldgames.com/ircchat.html


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