Drifting Hurskarl started off as a game that was produced as a result of Bloodlust80 (Ben) and PTSnoop (Andrew) ¬†getting together and doing an unofficial Ludum Jam together on the theme of “Alone”.

The end result was Drifting Huskarl. But because the engine and game concept that has produced a nice roguelike game, we have decided to work on the game engine itself and make something of it. Who knows what it is going to be like in the next few days, months and years.

The Synopsis: You awaken from your cryogenic sleep on a spaceship. Food and Oxygen are Scarce. Your crew are no-where to be seen and your badly damaged ship is drifting through space without power.

Your mission: Find the helm and aquire enough energy to regain control of your ship. Before starvation or oxygen depletion kicks in.

Each adventure will be a different one. Thanks to the Procedurally generated spaceships.


Drifting Huskarl 1.1

Windows version – Drifting Huskarl 1.1

Linux Version – Drifthing Huskarl 1.1

Drifting Huskarl 1.0

Slightly More Polished Edition – This is the bug fix version

Ludum jam edition – Warning, this edition will crash due to a bug in the Map generator


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