Evolution Or Revolution – Ludum Dare Edition

Evolution Or Revolution – Ludum Dare Edition

Ludum Dare is here again.

We entered two LDs ago with Drifting Huskarl, as part of the more relaxed 72-hour Ludum Jam competition. This time, since all the other DarkFieldGames people are busy this weekend, I’ve entered the tougher one-person 48-hour competition, with Evolution Or Revolution.

You, the player, are trying to gradually build up society by encouraging different values. If your people disagree with your values, they will start Revolutions, drastically shifting society’s values and harming your efforts.

(Believe it or not, I’m not actually trying to push any kind of social or political agenda here. I just thought it would make for good gameplay. Did I succeed? You decide.)

Useful links:
Ludum Dare entry page
Windows version
Linux / Source version – to get this to work on Linux, install the LÖVE engine, then run “love driftinghuskarl_ludum.love” in a terminal.

Gameplay and graphics by Andrew. This game was written in Lua, using the LÖVE engine.

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