Static Friction 0.5.2 released

Static Friction 0.5.2 released

Version 0.5.2 of Static Friction has been released.

In this new version, pretty much every faction gets a bit more overpowered. There’s a new class of Cube slow heavy units, Cruisers, with a new base to produce them. Cube also get a new Heavy Scout, with much shorter vision radius than the traditional Scouts but more hitpoints and damage. GC gain the Aphid, with a multi-laser dish capable of tearing through anything lightly armoured. Kuvalus get a Cruiser base, with only one Laser Cruiser at the moment (but more cruisers to follow, probably). And Biomass get buildpics, so you can finally see what building you’re clicking on. Biomass Burrows now work, most of the time, except for when they inexplicably crash the program – don’t know why they do this, but I suspect it’s the AI code, so they should be fine for multiplayer matches. I hope.

The .sdz archive is available for download here.

Windows users, if you’ve got the Spring Engine already installed, just move this sdz to the C:/Program Files/Spring/mods/ folder. Linux users, if you’ve got the Spring engine already installed, just drop the sdz in ~/.spring/mods/ . Any users, if you haven’t got the Spring Engine installed, you can get it here.

For more infomation, please check out our static friction game page

As always, please let me know what you think.

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