New Minecraft Build: Villas Tarabini

New Minecraft Build: Villas Tarabini

Not entirely sure how this happened.

I was meaning to spend the afternoon teaching myself to use neural networks with PyBrain, for my big fourth-year physics project. Instead, I ended up building a full-scale replica of one of the Villas Tarabini in Minecraft Creative Mode.

The Villas Tarabini are a bunch of …villas in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, designed to be environmentally conscious and generally eco, while being much more visually interesting than your average modern-architecture white box. Go read about them.

(If anyone would like a copy of the Minecraft save file, let me know in the comments.)

Dark Field Games Launch

I am pleased to announce the launch of Dark Field Games as of 08/10/2011. We are a group of student indie game developers hoping to deliver new games right to your fingertips.

This Blog will contain updates with regards to Dark Field Games in general, but it will also contain other occasional musings and our thoughts on the gaming world, science and technology too.

Check back on this website for updates to our games should you wish to download them and play them. We also look forward to hearing your feedback of our games, and also look forward to playing a game against you.

If you would like to chat to us, we have an IRC channel on swiftIRC
server =
channel = #darkfieldgames

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